Clean Air

Our natural fibre insulations result in healthy indoor air. And healthy and soft for builders to handle. Natural regulation of humidity also means reduced risks of damp and mould.

Stores Carbon

Unlike other insulations which produce huge amounts of carbon in production, ours actually have a net capture of carbon – reversing climate change.

Cool in Summer

Natural fibre insulations have the ‘smart’ ability to reduce the risk of buildings overheating – passively storing and releasing excess heat to keep temperatures nice and even all year long.

Warm in Winter

Our products have the good ability to reduce heat loss (thermal conductivity), keeping your home warm in those colder months.

Easy Installation

Simple friction fit – just like other flexible insulations – but with the added advantage of being more rigid to resist slumping.

Fire Safe

Our products meet building regulations when installed according to guidelines.

Renewable Resources

Unlike other insulations which use non-renewable oil-based foams or minerals, we use fast-growing, renewable crops.


Unlike other insulations which end up in landfill, our products can easily be reused at end-of-life, or reprocessed into the same products.

Complete system

IndiTherm® and IndiBoard® can be used separately, or together to create a highly energy efficient system called IndiBreathe®

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