IndiTherm achieves first full BBA Agrément Certificate for UK grown and made industrial hemp insulation.

From January 2024, IndiTherm industrial hemp thermal and acoustic insulation can be specified for retrofit or new build construction projects at scale following accreditation with a full BBA Agrément Certificate.

BBA Certification Inditherm

IndiTherm is the first hemp insulation, and currently only natural fibre insulation manufactured in the UK, to achieve a BBA Agrément Certificate. This was announced yesterday by the British Board of Agrément, and is a huge milestone in helping decarbonise the construction supply chain.

With BBA certification in place (search certificate number: 23/7060, or hemp, or natural fibre insulation) along with a guarantee from the Installation Assurance Authority, first generation IndiTherm now meets all criteria for PAS:2035 retrofit, can contribute to projects requiring Trustmark or warranty providers for new build construction.

Find out more here or contact us today to see how we can bring this dynamic product to your build!

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